Dec 5 7:36 pm

Event 1: Winning It All

Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 18

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Event 1 has now been condensed to it’s final two tables, and Patrick Quinn is one player who is still alive after he flopped the nuts to avoid elimination and score a much needed triple up.

The action was picked up with Quinn all-in and at risk holding {Qc}{Jh}, against an unknown player with {Js}{10c} and another player with {Ac}{Kc}.

Quinn would beg the deader to put “three Queens out there”, which was a little greedy if you ask me, and while he didn’t flop quads, he did maybe the next best thing, flopping broadway on the {10h}{As}{Kh} board.

The player with big slick thought the pot was his, but Quinn’s celebration quickly told everyone at the table and in the Signature Room who was in the lead.

The turn brought the {2h}, giving Quinn an even bigger advantage as he now had a flush draw to boot.

That wouldn’t matter as the river would brick out and Quinn’s flopped straight would be good enough to win the hand.

The former chip leader is now back up to the chip average, as half the remaining field will “survive” in Event 1.

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Dec 5 7:20 pm

Event 1: Mason Continues to Climb

Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 21

Jesse Mason

Jesse Mason

There is now slowing down EPT Champion Jesse Mason as he now has taken over the chip lead here late in Event 1. A player in his table was left with 11,600 after doubling up someone on the previous hand, and announced to his table he was going all in blind on the next hand.

The cards were dealt and action was on Jesse Mason who opened with a raise to 4,600. It folded around to the short stack player who prepared his speech about going in blind, however some where in his opening remarks he said the made the mistake of saying the word “call” and would be forced to just call the open of Mason. His cards remained where the dealer pitched them and the two would see a flop.

The dealer spread the {3h}{7h}{4h} flop and Mason quickly slid a tower of chips across the betting line, putting his opponent all in.

“I told you I was going to do it!” The opponent fired back as he threw the last of his chips into the middle.

Mason quickly turned over {7c}{7s} revealing that he had flopped top set, much to the dislike of his opponent.

“Well that sucks! Guess I have to hope for a heart” the player said as he turned over his first card which was the {Qc}.

After squeezing out the second card the table was in disbelief when he flipped over the {Qs} for pocket queens.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

The board ran out {Jc}{10h} and Mason would rake in the pot as he now sits with well over 140,000 in chips, just 13 players from the money.

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Dec 5 7:18 pm

Event 2: No Re-Entries

Level 4 (100/200)
Players Registered: 150

With such a big starting stack, players haven’t been getting eliminated from the Event 2 $15,000 GTD Deep Stack tournament at a high rate, but there have been a few unlucky players who have been sent to the rail, with mostly all of them begging the question, “Where do I re-enter?”

Unfortunately for them, they can’t, as Event 2 is a non-re-entry event, which caught some players by surprise.

That was made loud and clear during the pre-tournament announcements and it should change the strategy of some players, who were perhaps looking to fire multiple bullets into this massive guaranteed event.

With that being said, late registration is open and will remain open until the completion of Level 7, which leaves players close to an hour and a half to get into the Bar Poker Open action.

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Dec 5 7:00 pm

Event 1: Forte Way Out In Front Of Survivor

Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 24

Rich Forte (Medford, NJ) is currently playing close to quadruple the chip average and is the far and away chip leader of Event 1.

Rich Forte (Medford, NJ) is currently playing close to quadruple the chip average and is the far and away chip leader of Event 1.

The last time we “checked” in on the chip counts, we made the claim that “all the chips were on Table 1”, well, that is clearly no longer the case as Rich Forte (Medford, NJ) has over double the next biggest stack in the room, as he is currently playing just over 120,000.

We don’t want to go as far to say that Forte can fold his way into the money, but with nearly four time the chip average and with nearly half the field working sub 15 big blind stacks, Forte should certainly be one of the “survivors” when all is said and done in Event 1.

Players have just entered Level 12 and will play until Level 14 when they will be given their second break of the day.

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Dec 5 6:44 pm

Event 1: Ferlazzo’s Cowboys Riding High

Level 11 (800/1600/300)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 28

Ferlazzo_1553Fireworks erupted on table 3, all to the benefit of John Ferlazzo. The fuse was lit when a player opened the action with a raise to 3,500 from the cut-off only to see the button quickly move all in. Craig Bradford called all in from the small blind and action was on John Ferlazzo who announced he was all in. The original opener folded and Bradford told the table he had not looked at his cards yet.

Bradford: {5s}{4d}
Ferlazzo: {Ks}{Kh}
Button: {Qc}{Qs}

Ferlazzo was ahead with his kings and wouldn’t even have a sweat as the dealer spread the {Jd}{Kc}{Js} flop.

“Nothing like drawing dead on the flop!” Bradford joked as he started to gather his things.

The {7d} locked up the hand for Ferlazzo and the meaningless {Ah} fell on the river.

Despite being knocked down to just 1.5 big blinds last level, Ferlazzo is now up to over 34,000. A chip and a chair indeed!

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Dec 5 6:37 pm

Event 1: Yurkins Shoots Up Leader Board

Level 10 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 29

Jerry Yurkins (New York Free Poker)

Jerry Yurkins (New York Free Poker)

The action was picked up on Table 3 with two players all-in and at risk, with Jerry Yurkins (New York) having the best hand.

On a board of {9h}{Jh}{8s} an unknown female player moved all-in from early position, for close to 15,000.

John Ferlazzo then moved all-in for slightly more, 25,000, with Yurkins calling in late position for just over 23,000, putting himself at risk.

The unknown female player held {Jc}{10s} for top pair and an open ended straight draw, Ferlazzo held {Qh}{3h} for a gut shot straight draw and a flush draw, but it was Yurkins with {Qs}{Qc} that currently had control of the hand.

He’d remain in control as the {As} and {Ks} came on the turn and river, and while those high cards might have scared Yurkins, after a re-inspection of the board, he knew he was going to be shooting up the leader board.

As the eliminated female player was sent to the rail and Ferlazzo was picking himself up from being crippled, Yurkins, who is a member of the New York Free Poker league, was stacking up a massive chip stack and now sits with close to 40,000 and looks to be one of the leaders as play heads into Level 9.

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Dec 5 6:21 pm

Event 1: The Mason-Quinn Line

Level 9 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 35

All the chips are on Table 1.

All the chips are on Table 1.

As players continue to chip up, two familiar faces to the Bar Poker scene are have jumped out to significant leads over the rest of the remaining field.

Currently leading the way is Patrick Quinn who is sitting with a monster stack of over 70,000. Right on his tail is no other than EPT Champion Jesse Mason with 65,000.

Players were located on opposite ends of the room, but with more and more players being eliminated, Quinn has now joined Mason on table 1. There haven’t been any fireworks between the two yet, but we will be sure to keep an eye on this table.

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Dec 5 6:12 pm

Event 1: Monsini Getting Head Start On Championship

Level 8 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 35

Jim Monsini (

Jim Monsini (Raynham Center, MA)

During the break, dozens of players were crowded around the Signature Room entrance, all looking to register for the Bar Poker Open National Championship, which starts with Day 1A tomorrow at 11 AM.

These players weren’t so much “registering” as they were attending “roll call” as the BPO National Championship is an invitation only event, in which players had to win a seat at their local bar league affiliate to be eligible for a chance to play for a piece of the $40,000 GTD prize pool.

Many of these players were killing two birds with one stone, as they were claiming their National Championship ticket and registering for tonights $15,000 GTD Event 2.

But, one player who needed to get through the crowd quickly was Jim Monsini (Raynham Center, MA) who is currently playing in the Event 1 Survivor and sitting with an above average stack.

Some players at Jim’s table are new to the “Bar Poker Open” concept and Jim was quick to explain the series and then also quick to point out and represent his home “league”, the Eastern Poker Tour.

Jim played in the EPT 36K Championship held last month at Foxwoods and will be playing in the BPO National Championship tomorrow, but he’s currently focused on the task at hand, which will be to survive and take home his first cash of the series in Event 1.

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Dec 5 6:02 pm

Event 2: Cards Are in the Air!

Level 1 (25/50)
Players Registered: 36

Bar Poker Open

Bar Poker Open

The $15,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack is officially underway here in the signature room! So far 36 players have taken their seats for their shot at their share of the $15,000 prize pool.

Players will start with 25,000 in chips and the blinds will be 20 minutes each with registration closing at the end of the break after level 7.

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Dec 5 5:52 pm

Event 1: Finalized Numbers

Level 7 (300/600/75)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 36

Event 1 is back from a much needed first break of the day, and with the closing of the late registration period the finalize player counts and payouts have been made official.

70 players entered this event, and that number has almost been cut in half, as just four table remain.

Of those remaining 36 players, eight players will “survive” to win $520 and “free roll” themselves through the rest of the Bar Poker Open series. The remaining money will be paid out to the 9th place finisher, meaning nearly the entire Final Table will end up “in the money” for Event 1.

We will be following the Survivor action until competition and the live updates of the $15,000 GTD Event 2 will begin shortly as players are beginning to take their seats for one of the biggest guaranteed events of the series.

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