Dec 5 10:50 pm

Event 2: Waterhouse Wheels Out Opponent

Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300) 
Total Entries: 175
Players Remaining: 78

Kathy Waterhouse

Kathy Waterhouse

Kathy Waterhouse has just put everyone on notice after sending her latest oppenent to the rail.

Waterhouse opened with a raise to 8,000 from early position and action would fold around to the small blind who pushed all in for an additional 12,000 on top. Waterhouse would toss in calling chips and the hands were flipped up.

Small Blind : {Kc}{Ks}
Waterhouse: {Ah}{Jd}

Despite being ahead, the small blind seemed to know that he was doomed in the hand.

“Always an Ace, always a god damn Ace!” He said as he turned away from the table.

The dealer spread the {2h}{5s}{10h} flop and the small blind remained in good shape for the double up but would need to fade a few additional outs when the {3d} hit the turn.

The dealer would place the {4s} on the river and sure enough, Waterhouse would improve to a straight. Before the small blind could even realize what happened Waterhouse jumped out of her chair.

“Yes! A Straight!” She exclaimed as she turned to her table mate for a high five.

The small blind made sure to let everyone around him know his displeasure as he left the signature room in a flurry of expletives.

Waterhouse is now up to around 45,000 as Level 13 comes to an end.

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Dec 5 10:39 pm

Event 2: Been There, Done That

Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300) 
Total Entries: 175
Players Remaining: 80

Sergio Vigano (San Andre, Brazil)

Sergio Vigano (San Andre, Brazil)

Since the Signature Room doors opened earlier this afternoon, nearly every player who has played in either Event 1 or Event 2 has been consumed by the Final Table area in the back of the room.

How could you not be?

The bright lights, the cameras, the WPT live streaming set, all out in the open for the Bar Poker Open participants to see.

Players have been taking pictures of the set, and some have even been seen taking “selfies” and posing at the table, hoping that those shots are not the only ones of them at the Final Table.

For most, that will be the only taste of the live stream, but for 10 lucky players, they’ll be there front and center on Monday, playing for the Bar Poker Open National Championship and a piece of the $40,000 GTD prize pool.

But, there is one player left in the Event 2 field that is anything but “star struck” by the bright lights of the Final Table set up, as Sergio Vigano (San Andre, Brazil), won the $1,000,000 GTD Event 10 of the Borgata Poker Open held here in September, which was live streamed online.

That was the second biggest live streamed event of that series, but easily the biggest tournament result of Sergio’s career, as the victory netted him close to $170,000 and his first ever Borgata Poker trophy.

Vigano won’t be making another live stream appearance as the Bar Poker Open National Championship is an “invitation only” event, but he will be looking for another deep run, and is setting himself up nicely, as he is currently sitting with close to double the chip average with close to 100,000.

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Dec 5 10:22 pm

Event 2: Cole Leading The Way

Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300) 
Total Entries: 175

Hank Cole (Dover, DE)

Hank Cole (Dover, DE)

With dealers calling out “open seat” pretty regularly, the Event 2 field has been condensed to it’s final 100 players, and what started as a “deep stack” event is slowly becoming a “fit or fold” all-in fest as the short stacks are forced to make their moves as the blinds and antes continue to increase.

One player who certainly won’t be grouped into that category is Hank Cole who is currently sitting with well over 150,000 and looks to be the chip leader of Event 2 as the tournament field continues to get trimmed down.

As most of the field are working close to 20 big blind stacks, Cole is currently playing over triple the chip average and is showing no signs of slowing down, as he’s dispatched two shorter stacked players over the last half hour or so.

Cole, who is a baseball coach in in his home town of Dover, DE, seems to be well on his way to his first Borgata Poker cash of his tournament career.

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Dec 5 10:09 pm

Event 2: Lin Trips Up Opponent

Level 11 (800/1,600/300) 
Total Entries: 175

Wooyang Lin now sits over 100,000

Wooyang Lin now sits over 100,000

We caught up to a big pot on table 10 just as the table was breaking. The board read {Qh}{Kc}{Ks}{As}{8d} and Wooyang Lin had a bet of 12,000 in front of him. The pot already had well over 30,000 in the middle and his opponent was deep in the tank.

After a few more minutes he opponent quietly cut out 6 of the gray tournament chips, good for a raise of 30,000. Lin was confused as he sat back in his chair to try and go over the hand in his head. After counting down his stack a few times he finally threw in calling leaving himself around 12,000 behind.

“That can’t be good if you’re calling” his opponent said as he tabled {4c}{4s}.

Yin quickly flipped over {Kd}{Jd} and would rake in the monster pot.

” I thought you only had an ace! Nice hand.”

Yin nodded as he started to rack up his chips and head to his new table. He now appears to be one of the bigger stacks in the room as he sits with well over 110,000.


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Dec 5 9:54 pm

Event 2: A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Level 11 (800/1,600/300) 
Total Entries: 175

Natalia Gee (New York)

Natalia Gee (New York)

What in the world does that title mean?

In simple terms, it’s better to have a cash to your name than it is to have the “potential” to get one later in a series.

Natalia Gee (New York) is putting that phrase to work today, as she has already recorded one cash in the Bar Poker Open series, finishing in the money of the Event 1 Survivor.

That event ran past the end of the late registration of Event 2, so how did Natalie manage to get into the $15,000 GTD Event 2?

She registered over an hour ago, when Event 1 got down to it’s final two tables and was “multi-tabling” for a few levels.

She mainly focused on the Survivor event, as she was short stacked, leading to her Event 2 stack to get chipped down to well under the starting stack.

But, that shouldn’t be a problem, as Natalia worked a well below average stack for nearly the entire Event 1 tournament, and since she is already “free rolling” the rest of the weekend, she’s already ahead of most of the competition here at the Bar Poker Open.

Natalia is also well on her way to earning some valuable “Leader Board” points, as everyone who cashes in each BPO event will be awarded points and the person who earns the most points by the end of the BPO will be crowned the “Ace of The Open” Point Champion.

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Dec 5 9:42 pm

Event 2: The Kuhi Bus Headed Straight to Value Town

Level 10 (600/1,200/200) 
Total Entries: 175

Mike Kuhi

Mike Kuhi

Being able to extract value in the appropriate spots is something that separates good players from great players and may be the difference for your results in a tournament. Mike Kuhi is well aware of this, as he just maximized his value as he chips up here in Event 2.

Play started with a limp from under the gun +2 and action folded around to Mike Kuhi on the button who fired in a raise of 4,500. Both blinds folded and the player who originally limped tagged along.

The dealer spread the {Ks}{6s}{9c} flop and both players elected to check through to see the {Kc} on the turn. The player in early position checked his option again, and would call a bet of 5,500 from Kuhi.

The river was the {4d} and action was once again checked to Kuhi, who after a slight deliberation threw out another bet of 5,500. Without any hesitation the player called and Kuhi confidently tabled {10d}{10h} and his opponent would knuckle the table before throwing his cards into the muck.

Kuhi now sits with around 65,000 as the clock winds down in level 10.

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Dec 5 9:24 pm

Event 2: DiGiorgio Decked From Head To Toe

Level 9 (500/1,000/100) 
Total Entries: 175


Joe DiGiorgio (Philadelphia, PA)

While there are plenty of “Bar Poker” players in the field, there are a fair share of “regulars” in the crowd as well, including Joe DiGiorgio (Philadelphia, PA) who is wearing his Temple Owl pride on his sleeve.

Joe isn’t affiliated with any bar leagues, but the allure of a $15,000 GTD event for a small, sizable buy-in of $125 has drawn him, and many others, to the Borgata for this huge event.

Sports jerseys are all the rage at poker tables, but DiGiorgio has added to his Temple ensemble, donning himself with a Temple hat, as well as sweatshirt, to show his pride for the Owls’ football team, as DiGiorgio’s son, Tim, is a freshman quarterback on the team.

Joe attends all the Temple home games and many away games that are “in region”, but Temple is away at Tulane (Louisiana) tomorrow, so he’ll have to replace his usual weekend grind of football with a deep run here in Event 2 of the Bar Poker Open.

DiGiorgio started off the day strong, nearly doubling his starting stack within the first hour.

He was then cut down to just over 30,000, before going on another “heater” to get back up to the 100,000 chip mark, putting himself near the top of the Event 2 leader board as play enters the mid-way point of Level 9.

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Dec 5 9:16 pm

Event 1: 8 Players Survive!

EPT Champion Jesse Mason Among the Final 8

EPT Champion Jesse Mason Among the Final 8

The first event of the inaugural Bar Poker Open is officially in the books! At the beginning of the day, 70 players took their shot in the $85 Survivor and when the dust settled the following 8 players were lucky enough to take home $520 in cold hard cash!

Jesse Mason
Dorene Menezes
Ellis Badillo
John Ferlazzo
Dennis McGuinn
David Rofelsohn
Steven Gee
Tom Smargiassi
Victor Filletti

Congratulations to all of our players here in Event 1!


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Dec 5 9:03 pm

Event 2: Better The Second Time Around

Level 8 (400/800/100) 
Total Entries: 175


Thomas Giglio (Brooklyn, NY)

While Event 1 plays down to their final “survivors” the action of Event 2 is in full swing, with the late registration period officially ending when players returned from their first break of the tournament, the field has been frozen at 175 entrants.

One player who has made it through the first break with an above average stack is Thomas Giglio (Brooklyn, NY) who we caught a glimpse of during Event 1.

We say “glimpse”, because we didn’t see much of Giglio at the tables, as he was out of Event 1 within the first hour, and we mostly saw him talking about his bad beat with his friends outside the Signature Room.

Giglio said he would be back for the $15,000 GTD event later tonight and he’s taking full advantage of his “second chance” as he is currently playing nearly double the chip average early in Level 8.

“Second chances” should be a running theme this weekend, as there are multiple events every day of the Bar Poker Open series, meaning players can bust out of one event and seeming just move onto the next one.

Giglio, a member of the New York Free Poker league, will look to continue to run it up in one of the biggest events offered during the Bar Poker Open.

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Dec 5 8:02 pm

Event 1: Closing In On The Money

Level 14 (2,000/4,000/400)
Total Entries: 70
Players Remaining: 14

Players are about to be on a quick 10 minute break and will return to Level 15, with just five eliminations separating the remaining players from the money.

Of those nine “in the money” players, eight will “survive” to win the $520 and one player will make just over $250, so there will be two “bubbles” popping once we return from the break.

Live updates will continue through the completion of Event 1, with updates of Event 2 being picked up immediately there after.

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