Dec 6 3:30 pm

BPOC: Moving ‘Em In

Level 10 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entries: 419
Players Remaining: 200

Players are now on a 15 minute break, as close to 100 players are being transported from the Poker Room into the Signature Room.

This will make the rest of the night run much smoother, as the BPO National Championship will be playing down to 40 players to end Day 1A and the burden on the tournament staff will be significantly less with players confined to one location.

Play will resume when the Poker Room players have all taken their seats and the live updates will continue until the completion of Day 1A.

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Dec 6 3:04 pm

BPOC: Boyle Besting The Boys

Level 9 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entries: 419
Players Remaining: 280

Caitlin Boyle (River Chasers)

Caitlin Boyle (River Chasers)

The Signature Rooms has been closing up tables at a steady pace over the last hour, as we are now down close to our final 100 players, which means the initial Signature Room crowd has been nearly cut in half.

Many of our “big stacks” from before are still sitting with healthy counts, but Caitlin Boyle (Lancaster, PA) is the most recent player on the rise, as she is easily the biggest stacked woman in the BPO National Championship field and may be one of the chip leaders as the field continues to condense.

We’ve yet to highlight any woman today, but last night, Kathy Waterhouse was front and center in Event 2, as she was the Final Table chip leader, before bowing out in 3rd place.

Boyle, who is another River Chasers member, will be looking to replicate that result in the National Championship, but she will be advised not to look towards the Final Table just yet, as the goal here in Day 1A is simply to “survive” and bag up chips for Monday’s Day 2.

She’s well on her way, as nearly 20% of the remaining field will be bagging up chips, and Boyle looks to be one of the bigger stacks mid-way through Level 9.

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Dec 6 2:25 pm

BPOC: The Great Wall of Sokalski

Level 8 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 419

Stephen Sokalski (River Chasers)

Stephen Sokalski (River Chasers)

As players return from their break, one player that badly needed a color up was Stephen Sokalski (Langhorne, PA).

Sokalski’s massive stack made the perfect “wall” of chips, but it was getting so big with small denomination chips that it was just a matter of time before it came crashing down.

Sokalski has obviously been “crashing down” on players since the last chip update, as he had a meager average stack when we last reported, but just over an hour later has well over double the chip average and looks to be pacing the Signature Room field.

We have to admit though, that we probably would have featured Sokalski on the blog at some point today regardless of his chip stack, as his poker themed shirt is one of the more “colorful” articles of clothing we’ve seen so far this series.

There’s an old saying, “Look good, feel good, play good” and Sokalski, who is part of the River Chasers Poker League, which primarily runs it’s games near the Philadelphia, PA area, is certainly hitting all three of those points here near the mid-way point of Day 1A.

Dec 6 2:10 pm

BPOC: Color Up Break

Level 7 (300/600/75)
Total Entries: 419

Players are about to go on a 15 minute break and the green 25 value chips will be colored up as the blinds and antes are going up.

We’ve seen the Signature Room be condensed to close to 15 tables, meaning we’ve most likely lost 25-30% of the National Championship field.

As play continues, the tables in the Poker Room will be moved into the Signature Room, where we will continue to play down to the end of Day 1A, as only 40 players will advance from this starting flight.

Live updates will resume when the players return from break.

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Dec 6 1:30 pm

BCOP: Harringan Leading Signature Room

Level 6 (200/400/50)
Players Registered: 419

Mike Harringan (Bradley Beach, NJ)

Mike Harringan (Bradley Beach, NJ)

While the Poker Room might have some of the bigger stacks in the Bar Poker Open National Championship, as no one in the Signature Room has over 55,000, the Poker Room is missing one of the most colorful players in the field, none other than ‘Down To The Felts’ very own, Mike Harrigan (Bradley Beach, NJ).

Harrigan, is wearing a custom made “DTTF” t-shirt, that lists his Bar Poker “resume” on the back, and he has some amazing results to date.

He’s a four time point champion of his hometown league, and is also a defending “Tag Team” champion and Tavern Poker Championship winner.

It’s no wonder he’s one of the chip leaders in the Signature Room as he and a few other players, Manny Avila, Jim Monsini (both EPT) and Frank Goldberg (River Chasers) are all hovering near the 50,000 chip mark.

All these players are veteran Bar Poker players are will be looking to parlay their fast start to the National Championship into a deep run and will look to bag up chips at the end of Day 1A.

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Dec 6 12:52 pm

BPOC: Poker Room Chip Counts

Level 5 (150/300/25)
Players Registered: 419

Tim Hannon (Atlantic Poker Tour)

Tim Hannon (Atlantic Poker Tour)

With the massive BPO National Championship event split between two rooms, we decided to the players in the Poker Room some love, and we’ve noticed that there are some huge stacks being built across the hall.

With the chip average still sitting at close to 20,000 there were four players with already better than double that number at the mid-way point of Level 5, but they are all chasing Tim Hannon (Norfolk, VA) who is representing the Atlantic Poker Tour, who’s currently sitting with just under 80,000 in chips.

Right behind him though, are players from up and down the East Coast, as Doug Zinneman (New York Free Poker), Eduardo Garcia (River Chasers) and Brian Terrebonne (Stars and Bars) are all well over the 50,000 chip mark.

The National Championship field has now also been frozen, with the final player count of Day 1A clocking in at 419 players.

40 of those players will advance, meaning just over 90% will be forced to take their “second chance” tomorrow in Day 1B, but these chip leaders are hoping that isn’t the case and are setting themselves up to bag and tag their chips to move on to Day 2.

We’ll be updating the top chip stacks in the Signature Room shortly.

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Dec 6 12:26 pm

BPOC: “Roll Tide” Rolling Along

Level 4 (100/200)
Players Registered: 419

Derrick Snoddy (Suit Up Poker League)

Derrick Snoddy (Suit Up Poker)

Players are just a few minutes away from the first break of the day, and the remaining Bar Poker Open National Championship field will be looking towards Derrick Snoddy (Eutah, AL) who seems to be one of the chips leaders as he sits with well over double the chip average heading into the 15 minute break.

We haven’t seen Snoddy play many “big” pots, but he’s obviously been chipping up well over the first two hours of play despite sitting at a tough table that includes Event 2 Final Table member Manny Avila.

During yesterday’s coverage we featured Joe DiGiorgio, who was decked out in his Temple football gear, so we were immediately drawn to Snoddy who is also dressed “head to toe” in football gear, repping his home state Alabama Crimson Tide apparel ahead of their SEC Championship game that kicks off later today.

If all goes according to plan though, Snoddy won’t be able to watch much of it, as he certainly has his sights set on making it through to Day 2 of the $40,000 GTD BPO National Championship.

Snoddy is a member of the Suit Up Poker League, which is based out of Virginia, and Snoddy and his league members presence at this BPO series just shows the popularity and “reach” of the Bar Poker community.

Players are now on break and will return to Level 5, which will mark the end of the late registration period of the BPO National Championship.

When players return, a finalized number of entrants will be reported.

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Dec 6 11:48 am

BPOC: Ho Flops The Nuts While Pickett Makes Disciplined Lay Down

Level 3 (75/150)
Total Entries: 412

Sam Ho (Eastern Poker Tour)

Sam Ho (Eastern Poker Tour)

The action was picked up on Table 1 as Sam Ho (Boston, MA) and Fred Pickett (Raleigh, NC) were involved in a leveling war on a flop of {2d}{6d}{5s}.

Four players saw the flop and a player led out for 700 from the blinds, only to see Pickett raise the action to 2,200.

The action folded to Ho, who was on the button and he then re-raised to 6,000.

The action would fold back to Pickett who asked for a count of Ho’s remaining stack, and he then cut out a minimum raise to 11,500.

Ho then immediately moved all-in, and Pickett finally saw the writing on the wall, that his hand was probably not good.

He thought for a few moments and then folded, showing pocket 10’s for a strong over pair that many players would not be able to get away from.

He made the correct decision, as Ho tabled {4h}{3h} for a flopped straight, and Pickett had saved his tournament life by making the disciplined lay down.

These two players are headed in different directions, with Ho now sitting with close to 25,000 and Pickett crippled to just under 5,000, but as Pickett, a member of the Atlantic Poker Tour from North Carolina, said, “I’m not going broke like that.” and he’ll now have to run it up to get back to a starting stack.

Ho is a member of the Eastern Poker Tour, which, from what we’ve seen so far, is the best represented league at this years Bar Poker Open.

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Dec 6 10:10 am

Quick Turn Around

It was just over six hours ago that Woo Yang Lin was being crowned the first champion of the Bar Poker Open series, when he outlasted a massive field of 175 players, to win the $15,000 GTD Event 2.

It’s a quick turn around for tournament staff, Bar Poker Open staff and the blog team, as we are back in the Signature Room for the first Day 1 session of the BPO National Championship.

This morning has a “$2,000,000 Guarantee feel” as the line at the registration cage is one of the longest we’ve ever seen and is similar to some of the biggest tournaments that the Borgata hosts during their seasonal Poker Opens.

“You didn’t expect to see these numbers did you?!” Craig Bradford from the Eastern Poker Tour exclaimed when we walked into the Signature Room this morning.

We didn’t, but we certainly aren’t surprised, as the Bar Poker community has clearly come out in force and with close to 300 players already entered and seated for today’s event.

Add on three other “main” events with the “Progressive KO” starting at 12 PM, the $20,000 GTD “Monster Stack” starting at 4 PM and the $5,000 GTD “Crazy Pineapple” event starting at 7 PM; this should make for a historic day, not only in Bar Poker Open terms, but Borgata terms as well.

Players are still pouring into both the Signature and Poker Rooms and play should be beginning shortly, and when it does live updates of all the events will be right here on the BPO blog.

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