Dec 8 3:25 pm

BPOC: 10th Place – Jaime Wolfe ($248)

Level 25 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 1,100,000


Jaime Wolfe (New York Free Poker)

Elvis Garcia was being sent to the rail and the Bar Poker Open National Championship Final Table was set, but there was a hand brewing on Table 1 and it ended up with Jaime Wolfe (New York Free Poker) was all-in and at risk against the {Kc}{Kh} of Lance Albright.

Wolfe needed help as she held {Ac}{Qc} and would beg the dealer to put out some clubs on the flop.

He wouldn’t listen, as the board ran out {9d}{3h}{8d}{8d}{4d} and Wolfe would change her tune from asking for clubs, to asking for an ace, but none of those requests would be answered and she’d be the “first” player eliminated from our Final Table.

Wolfe was the final female player remaining and was given a massive cheer from the entire Signature Room, as it doesn’t seem to matter what league you’re associated with, as every player is getting support from the entire bar poker community.

A full list of the Final Table chip counts will be posted shortly.

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Dec 8 2:45 pm

BPOC: Championship Stalemate

Level 25 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 840,000

After a flurry of eliminations when we brought the final two tables together has left us with a stalemate of sorts with 13 players remaining as no one seems to want to make the mistake that is going to cost them a spot at the Final Table.

Short stacks should be put on high alert though, as the average stacked player is sitting with just over 10 big blinds leaving them with minimal room to work as the blinds and antes continue to climb.

Live updates will continue until the live streamed Final Table, which can be found HERE.


Dec 8 2:09 pm

BPOC: Down To The Final Two Tables

Level 24 (25,000/50,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 18

We’ve redrawn for the final two tables of the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

Players and followers are reminded that we will be playing down to a Final Table of 10 players, but the live stream which can be found HERE will begin when we reach our “BPO Final Table” of 8 players.

The seating assignments with chip counts are as follows:

Table 1

  1. Ryan Chua – 600,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  2. Robert Burns – 80,000 (River Chasers)
  3. Glenn Resch – 400,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  4. Lance Albright – 675,000 (River Chasers)
  5. Paul Careau – 1,100,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  6. Jesse Mason – 400,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  7. Craig Jensen – 650,000 (River Chasers)
  8. Jaime Wolfe – 450,000 (New York Free Poker)
  9. Zeke Springer – 550,000 (New York Free Poker)

Table 2

  1. Nathaniel Cave Jr. – 500,000 (Down To The Felt)
  2. Frank Watkins – 750,000 (River Chasers)
  3. Fred Hengst – 300,000 (River Chasers)
  4. Sean Casey – 1,500,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  5. Robert Oswald – 850,000 (River Chasers)
  6. Elvis Garcia – 725,000 (New York Free Poker)
  7. Jim Moncini – 750,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  8. Owen Breitner – 425,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  9. Keith Woolley – 875,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
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Dec 8 1:41 pm

BPOC: Top Ten With Three Tables Remaining

Level 23 (20,000/40,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 27


With the blinds and antes continuing to go up, the pots are growing larger and larger and each decision is getting more and more important as we play down to a Final Table in the BPO National Championship.

The BPO National Championship is now down to it’s final three tables, meaning we are getting even closer to the “live streamed” Final Table.

There are some massive stacks at every table, with some very familiar faces, but one player who has quietly built up massive stack is Keith Woolley from the Eastern Poker Tour.

Woolley came into Day 2 with just under 90,000 and have amazingly increased his stack to just under the 1,000,000 chip mark and is only trailing Sean Casey who is up top of the National Championship leader board.

The top ten currently looks like this:

  1. Sean Casey – 1,500,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  2. Keith Woolley – 920,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  3. Zeke Springer – 800,000 (New York Free Poker)
  4. Paul Careau – 750,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  5. Tom Fillpaik – 725,000 (Buffalo Pub Poker)
  6. Robert Oswald – 725,000 (River Chasers)
  7. Glenn Resch – 560,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  8. Jim Monsini – 525,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  9. Nathaniel Cave Jr. – 440,000 (Down To The Felt)
  10. Jesse Mason – 350,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)

The Eastern Poker Tour is well represented and all these players will have an eye on the Final Table and the chance to take down the first ever Bar Poker Open National Championship.

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Dec 8 1:00 pm

BPOC: 41-80th Place ($150)

Level 22 (15,000/30,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 35

The first level of pay outs have been completed and close to half the field will be walking out with a min-cash of $150.

While this might be considered a “min-cash”, this National Championship event was a free roll for our bar league players, so everyone is certainly happy with their in the money result.

The following players have cashed for $150.

41. Elva Cardinale
42. Jeff Brodecky
43. Robert Higgins
44. Michael Hancock
45. Erin McCourt
46. Donna Harrigan
47. George Wilkerson
48. Dale Mattison
49. Mark Courtney
50. Jammon Lanbert
51. Vangiel Haxha
52. Chris Harris
53. Randy Klingensmith
54. Judith McGuire
55. Jo Lee Leake
56. Melissa Weiner
57. Anthony Goff
58. Chris Chames
59. Randon Kent
60. Lourdses Fonseca
61. Jordan Fishman
62. Frank Plumbo
63. Nicholas Winters
64. Kerri Ann Pankowski
65. William Wexler
66. James Peterson
67. Richard Bailey
68. Daniel Connay
69. John Beady
70. Frank Rook
71. Stephen Sokalski
72. Todd Tango
73. Gary Cuda
74. Troy Lray
75. Michael Sauber
76. John Padcoca
77. Richard Santurri
78. He Klingensmith
79. Caitlin Boyle
80. Cindy Pacheco

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Dec 8 12:44 pm

BPOC: Building Towards The “Live Stream”

Level 22 (15,000/30,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 35


The Final Table of the Bar Poker Open National Championship will be “live streamed” starting around 4 PM.

As the field continues to thin, the players and fans are begin to whisper about the “live stream” that will present this Bar Poker Open National Championship to the entire world.

The live stream will begin when the Final Table comes together, and unlike Borgata events that have Final Tables of 10 players, this Final Table will play down to 8 before going “live”.

The live stream commentators and staff are putting the final touches on the product, and we are expecting the Final Table to come together some time around 4 PM.

There will be a 30 minute delay to ensure players are not given an unfair advantage or use the live stream to corrupt the integrity of the game.

The live stream can be found HERE and we will continue to link you to the live stream as we get closer to our Final Table to make sure you don’t miss a hand of the action, here at the BPO National Championship.

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Dec 8 12:15 pm

BPOC: Perry Putting In Work

Level 21 (10,000/20,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 40

Eric Perry (River Chasers)

Eric Perry (River Chasers)

Eric Perry might have the worst seat in the house, as he is to the direct right of EPT Champion Jesse Mason, but despite the horrible seat draw Perry has managed to double his chip stack throughout the first few levels of Day 2, as he’s currently sitting with close to 450,000 after staring the day just under the 200,000 chip mark.

As the field continues to thin, we are seeing more and more big stacks emerge and most are coupled with other big stacks at their tables, meaning we could see some Bar Poker Open fireworks over the next few hours.

We recently just lost our 42nd player, so the first pay jump has officially been activated.

While it’s only a $16 increase, as the “big money” doesn’t kick in until the Final Table, players can rest assured that they are one “step” closer to making said Final Table.

We’ll highlight some of the bigger stacks in the room as we are now down to our final four tables.

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Dec 8 11:37 am

BPOC: Bucolo Up, Down And All Around Heading To Break

Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000) 
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 45
Chip Average: 190,000

Frank Bucolo (River Chasers)

Frank Bucolo (River Chasers)

We’ve had a front row seat for all the Table 6 action, and while we were originally focused on Kayla Couto, Frank Bucolo’s “roller coaster” start to Day 2 of this Bar Poker Open National Championship event has been a sight to see.

Bucolo came back for Day 2 with 320,000 and was a top ten stack, but, after a few hands didn’t go his way, he was cut down to 85,000 just an hour after the restart.

While most players would stress and worry about their “downswing” Frank understands the variance of tournament poker and knew the cards would come back around in his favor.

He didn’t have to wait very long for that to happen, as he scored a much needed double up against Pietro Curini when he rivered a pair holding {Ad}{Kd} against Pietro’s {7c}{7h} to move back up to the chip average, and just eliminated a player to get over the 400,000 chip mark.

Bucolo would limp in late position and call the all-in shove of Mark Courtney from the big blind, for just under 100,000. Courtney was behind and needed help as he held {Ks}{Js} and Bucolo held {Ac}{10c}.

Both players were looking for black cards on the flop, and it was Bucolo’s suit that came out to end the hand as he made the nut flush on the {8c}{9c}{5c} flop.

Bucolo, a member of the River Chasers league, has had an extremely eventful first hour and a half of this National Championship event, and now that he’s back up over his starting stack, he will look to continue to chip up as we work towards our first pay jump.

Players are now on the first break of the day and will return to Level 20.

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Dec 8 11:14 am

BPOC: Hannon Joins The Big Boys

Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000) 
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 50
Chip Average: 175,000

Tim Hannon (APT)

Tim Hannon (APT)

Another table has just broken, we have a few new players at add to our massively stacked “live streaming” Final Table.

Chip leaders from both Day 1 sessions are at the feature table, as Sean Casey, Jared Fortna, Gene Barber and Nghia Do are all seated at Table 1 and have all increased their chip stacks over the first hour of play.

New to the table though, is Tim Hannon (Atlantic Poker Tour) who looked excited to not only make it under the bright lights of the feature table, but also play with some of the bigger stacks in the room as he continues to chip up as he is currently nearing the 225,000 chip mark.

Hannon smiled for the camera and said, “That’s one thing I’m not scared of.” Hannon will certainly be comfortable at this feature table, as their play is being streamed on television screens above the set, with close to a dozen bar league players sweating the action from the rail.

This was a feature table before we noticed the massive stacks involved, so this will without a doubt be the table to watch as we continue to move through the money in the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

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Dec 8 10:59 am

BPOC: Coutu Finally Getting Some Credit

Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000) 
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 55
Chip Average: 170,000

Kayla Coutu (EPT)

Kayla Coutu (EPT)

The end of Day 1 sessions are always crazy, and while we try our best to find the biggest stacks in the room and post them as the chip leaders at the end of those starting flights, some last minute hands and simple blogger oversight leave some players without their fair share of “blog love”.

That’s exactly what happened to Kayla Couto, who ended Day 1A as one of the biggest stacks in the room, bagging up an impressive 318,000.

She scored a sizable knockout just a few hands before the end of the day, and was left off the blog, but she’s currently seated at Table 6, directly in front of the media table, so she won’t be overlooked today.

It’s been a fast and crazy day for some players, but Kayla has maintained her big stack so far, chipping up close to the 350,000 chip mark, after taking down a decent pot where she got two streets of value from Bob Higgins with two pair on a three flush board.

Kayla, a member of the Easter Poker Tour, is seated with some other big stacks, including Higgins and Frank Bucolo, who are both near the 300,000 chip mark, so this will certainly be a table to watch throughout the day, with Kayla leading the way as our “featured player”.

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