Dec 8 6:56 pm

BPOC: 1st Place – Ryan Chua ($10,037)

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 1

Ryan Chua - Borgata Poker Open National Champion

Ryan Chua – Borgata Poker Open National Champion

Ryan Chua was absolutely speechless as he was crowned the winner of the Bar Poker Open National Championship after beating Jim Monsini heads up and outlasting an extremely difficult Final Table to earn the $10,000 and the BPO trophy!

Chua barely had a moment to gather his thoughts before Ebony Kenney was there to take in his thoughts after winning this amazing, massive event.

Chua would tell Ebony that he played Day 1A and busted out after a few hours and was pretty dejected, but came back focused for the “second chance” Day 1B session and knew that if he bagged up an average chip stack, he’d have a chance.

He took that chance, as he came back today with just under the chip average and would maintain that mark for much of the day before peaking and crushing this live streamed Final Table.

Chua, who spent a year playing “professionally” after he graduated college, admits that he took some time off from poker after he realized that he mentally couldn’t handle the swings of the game.

He credited the bar poker community for reviving his love for the game, as he now plays “silly” $10 weekly games with his friends and league mates and he now enjoys the game more than ever before.

Those friends were all over the live stream commentary and will surely blow up when they see that Ryan took down the title and 1st place prize money.

Not a bad weekend for Ryan as he turns a meager $150 buy-in into the biggest score of his poker career, and Ebony Kenney said it best, “That kind of value is only here at the Bar Poker Open.”

That wraps up our National Championship coverage and we’d like to thank everyone who followed along on the live stream and on the BPO blog.

Coverage will pick back up with the final two trophy events shortly.

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Dec 8 6:40 pm

BPOC: 2nd Place – Jim Monsini ($5,865)

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 1

Jim Monsini (EPT)

Jim Monsini (EPT)

Jim Monsini came into the heads up battle for the Bar Poker Open National Championship severely short stacked and he managed a double up, to get close to the 2,500,000 chip mark, but was still in the “danger zone” with less than 20 big blinds.

Monsini wouldn’t last much longer, as he was knocked out in 2nd place just a few hands after his double.

In a limped pot, both players saw the flop of {4h}{10s}{7c} and Monsini would open shove and get snap called by Chua.

Chua would turn over {10c}{2c} for top pair and a backdoor flush draw, while Monsini held {8c}{9c} for an open ended straight draw.

Neither draws would get there, as the turn and river bricked out and Chua would be crowned the champion of the BPO National Championship.

Jim Monsini, who made his second Final Table of the series, is eliminated in 2nd place for just under $6,000.

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Dec 8 6:14 pm

BPOC: 3rd Place – Paul Careau ($3,314)

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 2

Paul Careau (EPT)

Paul Careau (EPT)

In the very first hand back from break, Paul Careau and Ryan Chua got it all-in pre-flop in a hand that would in essence “decide” the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

The action was picked up with Careau raising from the button to 500,000, bringing a fold from Jim Monsini in the small blind.

Action was now on Ryan Chua in the big blind and he took a look at his stack and then announced all-in.

Before he could even move his chips over the imaginary betting line, Careau had verbalized call and tabled {Ad}{Kh}.

Chua looked crushed as he turned over {Ah}{10h} and the player who had battled a short stack coming into this Final Table looked like he was headed to the back of the pack once again as he was dominated.

The flop came down {Qs}{Kc}{7c} which paired Careau but left Chua with a broadway draw to the nut straight.

The crowd gasped as the {Jh} spiked on the river, crushing Careau’s chances at the BPO National Championship title.

He was drawing to a chop, but would not get one as the {2d} bricked on the river, and in a battle of the big stacked players, Paul Careau was sent to the rail in 3rd place, for just over $3,300.

Chua was extremely gracious in victory, and said he only made that play because he “didn’t want to face you heads up”.

He wouldn’t have to and now has a massive chip lead over Jim Monsini for the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

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Dec 8 5:53 pm

BPOC: Three Handed Chip Counts

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 3

After the elimination of Lance Albright in 4th place, there were a few hands to be played between the remaining three players before they were given a short 15 minute break.

These three players have outlasted over 600 players to get to this point and while they’ve all probably been dreaming about this moment all weekend, the Bar Poker Open National Championship is now right in front of them.

Ryan Chua and Paul Careau control most of the chips in play, with Jim Monsini being the short stack. Their chip counts are listed below.

  1. Jim Monsini – 1,615,000 (10 BB)
  2. Ryan Chua – 5,140,000 (32 BB)
  3. Paul Careau – 4,275,000 (26 BB)

With close to 70 big blinds in play at this Final Table, our players will not have a lot of room to work, especially Monsini who will return from the break with a “fit or fold” mentality as he needs to find a double up soon.

Live updates will continue on the BPO blog and you can follow the live streaming action, on a 30 minute delay, HERE.

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Dec 8 5:41 pm

BPOC: 5th Place – Robert Oswald ($1,984)

Level 28 (60,000/120,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 4

Robert Oswald (River Chasers)

Robert Oswald (River Chasers)

After Lance Albright doubled through Robert Oswald {4h}{4d} winning the race against Oswald’s {As}{Kd}, Oswald was the short stack at the table, and was forced to move all-in for his final 415,000 after the action folded to him on the cut off.

Lance Albright thought for a few moments and then decided to not finish the job, and he was glad he didn’t call, as Paul Careau insta-called in the big blind and tabled {Ks}{Qh} having Oswald dominated as he held {Kd}{Jh}.

Albright claimed he folded {Kh}{10h} so Oswald stuck looking to pair his inferior kicker.

He would, but it would be too late, as Careau would pair up on the {2d}{2c}{Qs} flop.

The {Ad} would come on the turn, leaving Oswald drawing to a broadway straight to save his tournament life.

It wouldn’t come, but the {Jd} did fall, but it would be too little too late for the River Chasers player, who is sent to the rail in 5th place for just under $2,000 in the BPO National Championship.

Players are now four handed, with Careau and Ryan Chua controlling the majority of the chips in play.

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Dec 8 5:15 pm

BPOC: 6th Place – Sean Casey ($1,655)

Level 27 (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 5

Sean Casey (EPT)

Sean Casey (EPT)

The biggest pot of the tournament just played out at the Final Table, with Sean Casey and Ryan Chua getting in pre-flop leveling war that ended with Casey being all-in and at risk, needing a lot of help to survive.

The action was picked up with Casey raising to 500,000 from the button and Chua answered with a raise to 1,300,000 from the small blind.

Casey thought for a moment and then announced he was all-in, with the rest of the table shooting each other looks as the knew two huge stacks were about to prey on each other.

Chua only had to call 600,000 more, but that was close to 75% of his remaining chip stack, so he took close to two minutes to decide on his action.

He would eventually call and table {Ad}{9d} and Casey would curse himself as his play didn’t work, turning over {8c}{5c}.

He was live though, until the flop came out {Jh}{As}{Ks} and Sean needed a miracle to stay alive.

It would not come though, as the turn and river came out {Js} {Jd} and Casey would be sent to the rail in 6th place for just over $1,600.

After coming in as one of the short stacks, Ryan Chua is now the chip leader of the BPO National Championship Final Table, sitting with close to 4,200,000.

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Dec 8 4:49 pm

BPOC: 7th Place – Jesse Mason ($994)

Level 26 (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 6
Chip Average: 1,800,000

Jesse Mason (EPT)

Jesse Mason (EPT)

After the elimination of Zeke Springer and Frank Wallace, all eyes were on the new short stack at the Final Table, Jesse Mason.

Mason was cut down to 155,000 and moved all-in for less from the button, after Ryan Chua raised to 200,000 from early position.

Both Robert Oswald and Sean Casey called in the blinds.

Mason now had a chance to quadruple up, as four players saw a flop of {Kh}{Jc}{8d}.

Oswald would then open shove, giving Mason some protection as the remaining players folded.

Not that Mason needed any protection, as he held {Kc}{8c} for two pair, besting Oswald’s {Ks}{Qh}.

Mason was poised to move up close to the 1,000,000 chip mark until the {Jh} came on the turn, counterfeiting his two pair, as Oswald’s kicker now played and Mason was looking for a miracle river to save his tournament life.

It wouldn’t come as the {6s} fell and the former Eastern Poker Tour 36K Champion would be eliminated in 7th place, for his second consecutive deep run in a bar league championship.

Players are now on a quick 10 minute break and the chip counts will be posted for the remaining six players.

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Dec 8 4:19 pm

BPOC: 9th Place – Frank Watkins ($413)

Level 26 (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 8
Chip Average: 1,500,000

Frank Watkins (River Chasers)

Frank Watkins (River Chasers)

Over the last level, we’ve seen one short stack survive an all-in and another take a brutal beat on the river to be sent to the rail in 9th place.

Ryan Chua moved all-in from under the gun for close to 800,000 and was called by Sean Casey in the big blind and the race was on, as Chua held {Jh}{Js} and Casey held {Ah}{Qs}.

The board would run out {10h}{4s}{Kd}{5h}{9h} and Casey would brick out on the turn and river after adding more winning outs after the flop. Chua would give out a yell and ask for some cheers from the crowd as he was “up over 10 big blinds for the first time today” as he was now working close to 2,000,000 chips.

On one of the very next hands Frank Watkins would be sent to the rail after he was chipped down to 210,000 and moved all-in from late position.

Chua would flat the bet from the button, but then Paul Careau would move all-in, which was a perfectly timed suicide squeeze, as Chua would be forced to fold.

The cards were turned up and Watkins held a slight advantage {Ad}{10h} over Careau’s {Ks}{7c}.

That was, until the river, as the board ran out {8h}{5h}{7s}{3s}{Kd} and the entire Signature Room gasped as the river brought the brutal knock out.

Watkins, who was short stacked coming into the Final Table, is the first player eliminated after the restart, and will earn $413 for his efforts.


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Dec 8 3:53 pm

BPOC: Playing Down To A Champion On The Live Stream

Level 25 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 1,100,000

With all the behind the scenes technicalities behind us, we are finally ready to start play at the nine handed BPO National Championship Final Table.

The fans have settled into the viewing area and the players have adjusted to the bright lights of the live stream, which will be viewable from this link, on a half hour delay.

Live updates will continue until a champion is crowned, so keep it right here for all your BPO action.

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Dec 8 3:29 pm

BPOC: Final Table Set!

Level 25 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 1,100,000

Just like that we are down to our Final Table for the first ever Bar Poker Open National Championship.

We lost Elvis Garcia in 11th place and Jaime Wolfe in 10th the remaining nine players all celebrated as they moved to the live streaming area, to prepare for the tournament experience of a lifetime.

The players are currently filling out surveys that the live streaming broadcast team will use as talking points during the Final Table production.

The live stream will be on a 30 minute delay and can be found HERE.

The Final Table redraw is as follows:

  1. Zeke Springer – 550,000 (New York Free Poker)
  2. Jim Moncini – 750,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  3. Jesse Mason – 400,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  4. Frank Watkins – 750,000 (River Chasers)
  5. Robert Oswald – 850,000 (River Chasers)
  6. Sean Casey – 1,500,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  7. Ryan Chua – 600,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  8. Lance Albright – 675,000 (River Chasers)
  9. Paul Careau – 1,100,000 (Eastern Poker Tour)
  10. Jaime Wolfe – 450,000 (New York Free Poker)

This is a $40,000 GTD National Championship event and the remaining players are all fighting for a piece of that prize pool as the remaining payouts are listed below:

  1. $10,037
  2. $5,865
  3. $3,314
  4. $2,481
  5. $1,984
  6. $1,655
  7. $994
  8. $661
  9. $413
  10. $248
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