Dec 8 9:28 pm

Event 12: 1st Place – Chris Morschauser ($570)

Chris Morschauser - Bar Poker Open Event 12 Champion

Chris Morschauser – Bar Poker Open Event 12 Champion

Almost immediately after Mike Hancock won Event 10, Chris Morschauser was scoring the final elimination at the “Pre-Game Turbo” Final Table to claim the last Bar Poker Open title of the night.

Chris is a Borgata regular from the Atlantic City area, who primarily grinds the cash games tables but saw such a fun, small buy-in event and decided to take a shot and perhaps earn some BPO glory.

He did just that, as he won a massive pot where crippled Timothy Wright, when he spiked a set of deuces holding pocket twos, beating Wright’s pocket fours.

The Final Table results are listed below.

  1. Christopher Morschauser – $570
  2. Timothy Wright – $309
  3. Neil Kamens – $196
  4. Marilyn Walsh – $147
  5. Aaron Boas – $114
  6. Raymond Houle – $98
  7. Julieann Dowd – $82
  8. Zachary Pinnick – $65
  9. Patrick Quinn – $49

That wraps up the coverage of the first ever Bar Poker Open, as tomorrow’s final bounty event will not be live covered by the blog.

A trophy is still up for grabs though, so don’t miss out on a chance to earn your own piece of BPO glory, much like Chris did tonight.

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