Dec 6 11:44 am

BPOC: Bowman Doubles As Things Get Tense on Table 8

Level 3 (75/150)
Players Registered: 410

Ni-Kesha Bowman

Ni-Kesha Bowman

As we were walking through the signature room we noticed a big pot brewing over on table 8. A player from the small blind had bet 1,000 into a decent sized pot with the board reading {5d}{10d}{5h}.

Action was on Ni-Kesha Bowman who took a few moments before announcing she was all in for a total of 7,700. The player in the small blind wasted no time in calling.

Bowman: {10s}{5s}
Small Blind: {5c}{7d}

Bowman silently fist pumped as she had her opponent drawing dead to a chop. He would find no such luck as the {As}{Jc} on the turn and river changed nothing.

After the hand another player at the table tried to make casual conversation. “I thought she may have pocket 10s!”

The small blind quickly leaned forward in his chair and fired back at the player. “I didn’t come here for poker lessons sir, especially from you!”

The table got quiet as the player continued to mumble under his breath but even the tense moment couldn’t break the spirit of Bowman who quietly stacked up her newly acquired chips with a smile on her face. She is now back over the starting stack of 15,000.



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Dec 6 10:15 am

BPOC: Bar Poker Open Invitational Championship

Level 1 (25/50)
Players Registered: 300

Bar Poker Open

Welcome to the 2014 BPOC

The Bar Poker crowd has officially taken over the Borgata! Over 300 players have already taken their seats here on Day 1A, and more than 100 others are in line to register, all here to take their shot at the $40,000 Guaranteed prize pool. This event is invitation only, with players qualifying by earning enough points through their local Bar Poker League. For those players who bust here on Day 1A, they will have a second chance to qualify through Day 1B which begins tomorrow at 10:00am.

Day 1A players will be paying a $25 entry fee and will be receiving 15,000 in tournament chips with play scheduled to end once we reach 40 players. Day 1B “Second Chance” players will be paying $125 and receiving 25,000 chips with play concluding once we reach the top 20% of the field.

The levels are 30 minutes long and play is scheduled to end once we reach 40 players. Borgata tournament staff is currently going over a few rules and guidelines with the players and play is scheduled to get underway within the next few moments.

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