Oct 28 3:35 am

Event 5: The Final 6 Make a Deal

(L to R) Courtney Puyear, Robert Nichols, Andy De Brito Rodrigues, A.J. Basselini-Truisi, Christian Jordanich, Stephen Celeste

Event 5 of the Bar Poker Open was the $150 NLH with a $20,000 guarantee. There were 192 entries creating a prize pool of over $24,000. When the final six players returned from break they began to discuss an adjusted payout agreement.

It didn’t take long for them to make a deal and they agreed to run one hand out for the trophy. Andy De Brito Rodrigues was the lucky winner when his improved to a straight and he take homes his first Bar Poker Open trophy.

Below is a full look at the adjusted payout deal.

1. Stephen Celeste- $3,494
2. Robert Nichols- $3,426
3. Courtney Puyear- $3,424
4. Christian Jordanich- $2,902
5. A.J. Basselini-Truisi- $2,490+BPO Trophy
6. Andy De Brito Rodrigues- $2,424

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Oct 28 12:10 am

Event 5: Final Payouts, $7,143 Up Top

Event 5 of the Bar Poker Open is the $130+$20 Deep Stack NLH $20,000 Guaranteed. There were a total of 192 entries creating a prize pool of $24,212.

The final 18 players will all make the money and be guaranteed at least $363 for their efforts. The Event 5 winner will take home $7,143 along with the Bar Poker Open trophy.

Below is a full look at the final Event 5 tournament payouts.

1. $7,143+BPO Trophy
2. $3,995
3. $2,421
4. $1,937
5. $1,453
6. $1,211
7. $968
8. $726
9. $545
10-12. $484
13-15. $424
16-18. $363

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Oct 27 5:33 pm

Event 5: Another Shot

$130+$20 Deepstack NLH
$40,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 1: 50/100

If you found yourself on the wrong side of a bad beat earlier in the day, we have some more action for you this evening in the tournament area. Event 5 on the schedule has a small price tag with a big prize pool.

The tournament has a $130+$20 buy-in and features a $20,000 Guarantee with deep starting stacks. Players will sit down to 25,000 stacks and the tournament will move along nicely with 20-minute levels. Late registration and unlimited re-entries are available until the start of Level 9 to give you plenty of play tonight. This is a one-day tournament and we will award another Bar Poker Open trophy before the night is through.

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