Oct 28 9:28 pm

Championship: Rob Ryan Defeats Kate Koper for BPO Title

2019 Bar Poker Poker Open East Coast Championship
$100,000 Guaranteed | Payouts
Level 34: 250,000/500,000 with a 500,000 ante

Kate Koper (Premier Island Poker)

It did not take long to settle the matter. On the second hand of heads-up play, Kate Koper moved all in for 4,875,000 from the button and Rob Ryan sat back to think about it. He crossed himself, threw a salute to his rail, and called with a chance to end it right there. Koper tapped the table after the call and she needed help.


Koper was live, paired the , but her rail groaned when they saw Ryan paired as well. The left Koper with only five outs to double up but the river was not one of them. Ryan made aces up to win the hand, gather all the chips, and take the title. Koper earned $15,858 for her runner-up finish while Ryan earned $26,838 plus the Bar Poker Open East Coast Championship trophy.

1st: Rob Ryan (No Limit Pub Poker) – $26,838
2nd: Kate Koper (Premier Island Poker) – $15,858

Rob Ryan (No Limit Pub Poker)

Kate Koper (Premier Island Poker)

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