Dec 7 9:32 pm

Event 3 BPOC: (4th Place)- Michael Diaco $6,736

Event 3 BPOC (Day2)
Level 35: (200,000/400,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 682
Players Remaining: 3

Michael Diaco (New York Free Poker)

Michael Diaco (New York Free Poker)

Ron Lemmerman moves all in from the button for 1,250,000 and Mike Diaco reshoves for 900,00 from the small blind. The other players fold and the hands are shown.

Lemmerman: {kh}{jh}
Dicaco: {7d}{7h}

The players are in a coin flip situation and Diaco remains ahead after the {2c}{3d}{qc} flop. The turn is the {6h} and Diaco’s rail begins to cheer. The cheers are short lived however as the dealer spikes the {ks} on the river eliminating Diaco. He will be our 4th place finisher collecting $6,736 for his efforts.

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