Dec 7 11:33 pm

Event 3 BPOC: (2nd Place)- Ron Lemmerman $13,372

Event 3 BPOC (Day2)
Level 37: (400,000/800,000/100,000)
Total Entries: 682
Players Remaining: 1

Ron Lemmerman (Riverchasers)

Ron Lemmerman (Riverchasers)

After a heads up match in which the players were swapping chips nearly almost every hand it has finally come to an end. Fritz Barnes moves all covering Ron Lemmerman who has 4,500,000. Lemmerman makes the call and has Fritz dominated with his {ah}{7s}. Barnes holds the {kc}{7h} and will need some help to eliminate Lemmerman.

Both players flop a seven on the {7c}{9s}{2d} flop and Barnes will need a king and only a king to eliminate Lemmerman. The {kd} hits the turn and the crowd roars, it is now Barnes who is in command of the hand.

The {3h} completes the board and Lemmerman is eliminated in dramatic fashion. Lemmerman will be our runner up and collect $13,372 for his efforts.

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