Dec 7 8:44 pm

Event 3 BPOC: (6th Place)- Leonard Miller $4,457

Event 3 BPOC (Day2)
Level 34: (150,000/300,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 682
Players Remaining: 5

Leonard Miller (Riverschasers)

Leonard Miller (Riverschasers)

Leonard Miller moves all in from under the gun for his last 1,575,000. The action folds to Fritz Barnes on the button and he calls. Miller tables {qc}{qs} and is in good shape to double up against the chip leaders {kc}{qh}. The dealer fans the flop of {10c}{js}{9c} and Barnes flops the nut straight.

It is a brutal flop for Miller and he will need running cards for a full house to win the pot or a king to chop. The turn brings the {10d} and when the {ah} completes the board Miller is eliminated. Miller will be our 6th place finisher collecting $4,457 for his efforts.

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