Dec 8 9:15 pm

Event 10: 1st Place – Mike Hancock ($4,250)

Mike Hancock - Bar Poker Open Event 6 Champion

Mike Hancock – Bar Poker Open Event 10 Champion

After the hysteria of the Bar Poker Open National Championship Final Table died down, the Signature Room was the quietest it’s been all weekend, as the final two BPO events are playing down to a winner.

We have our first one, as Mike Hancock outlasted 146 entrants to take home the Event 10 Deep Stack $10,000 GTD title, winning $4,250.

Hancock, who represents 1 Move Pub Poker, might have a long 10 hour drive back home to North Carolina, but after he took his winners photo, he would turn to his friend on the rail and say, “This makes this trip that much better.”

The trip probably would have been a success before tonight’s result, as Hancock Final Tabled the “12-12” turbo event yesterday, but he finally broke through and was our first true “bar league” player to take home a title in a non-championship event this series.

The rest of the Event 10 Final Table results are as follows:

  1. Mike Hancock – $4,250
  2. Robert Campbell – $2,337
  3. Lee Jaffe – $1,345
  4. Elva Cardinalz – $1,133
  5. Noel Nepomuceno – $850
  6. Darius Nazeri – $708
  7. Stephan Casanova – $566
  8. Melissa Weiner – $425
  9. Michael Vogelsong – $319
  10. Bradley Vogelsong – $283
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