Dec 8 5:53 pm

BPOC: Three Handed Chip Counts

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 3

After the elimination of Lance Albright in 4th place, there were a few hands to be played between the remaining three players before they were given a short 15 minute break.

These three players have outlasted over 600 players to get to this point and while they’ve all probably been dreaming about this moment all weekend, the Bar Poker Open National Championship is now right in front of them.

Ryan Chua and Paul Careau control most of the chips in play, with Jim Monsini being the short stack. Their chip counts are listed below.

  1. Jim Monsini – 1,615,000 (10 BB)
  2. Ryan Chua – 5,140,000 (32 BB)
  3. Paul Careau – 4,275,000 (26 BB)

With close to 70 big blinds in play at this Final Table, our players will not have a lot of room to work, especially Monsini who will return from the break with a “fit or fold” mentality as he needs to find a double up soon.

Live updates will continue on the BPO blog and you can follow the live streaming action, on a 30 minute delay, HERE.

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