Dec 8 6:14 pm

BPOC: 3rd Place – Paul Careau ($3,314)

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 2

Paul Careau (EPT)

Paul Careau (EPT)

In the very first hand back from break, Paul Careau and Ryan Chua got it all-in pre-flop in a hand that would in essence “decide” the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

The action was picked up with Careau raising from the button to 500,000, bringing a fold from Jim Monsini in the small blind.

Action was now on Ryan Chua in the big blind and he took a look at his stack and then announced all-in.

Before he could even move his chips over the imaginary betting line, Careau had verbalized call and tabled {Ad}{Kh}.

Chua looked crushed as he turned over {Ah}{10h} and the player who had battled a short stack coming into this Final Table looked like he was headed to the back of the pack once again as he was dominated.

The flop came down {Qs}{Kc}{7c} which paired Careau but left Chua with a broadway draw to the nut straight.

The crowd gasped as the {Jh} spiked on the river, crushing Careau’s chances at the BPO National Championship title.

He was drawing to a chop, but would not get one as the {2d} bricked on the river, and in a battle of the big stacked players, Paul Careau was sent to the rail in 3rd place, for just over $3,300.

Chua was extremely gracious in victory, and said he only made that play because he “didn’t want to face you heads up”.

He wouldn’t have to and now has a massive chip lead over Jim Monsini for the Bar Poker Open National Championship.

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