Dec 8 6:56 pm

BPOC: 1st Place – Ryan Chua ($10,037)

Level 28 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 607
Players Remaining: 1

Ryan Chua - Borgata Poker Open National Champion

Ryan Chua – Borgata Poker Open National Champion

Ryan Chua was absolutely speechless as he was crowned the winner of the Bar Poker Open National Championship after beating Jim Monsini heads up and outlasting an extremely difficult Final Table to earn the $10,000 and the BPO trophy!

Chua barely had a moment to gather his thoughts before Ebony Kenney was there to take in his thoughts after winning this amazing, massive event.

Chua would tell Ebony that he played Day 1A and busted out after a few hours and was pretty dejected, but came back focused for the “second chance” Day 1B session and knew that if he bagged up an average chip stack, he’d have a chance.

He took that chance, as he came back today with just under the chip average and would maintain that mark for much of the day before peaking and crushing this live streamed Final Table.

Chua, who spent a year playing “professionally” after he graduated college, admits that he took some time off from poker after he realized that he mentally couldn’t handle the swings of the game.

He credited the bar poker community for reviving his love for the game, as he now plays “silly” $10 weekly games with his friends and league mates and he now enjoys the game more than ever before.

Those friends were all over the live stream commentary and will surely blow up when they see that Ryan took down the title and 1st place prize money.

Not a bad weekend for Ryan as he turns a meager $150 buy-in into the biggest score of his poker career, and Ebony Kenney said it best, “That kind of value is only here at the Bar Poker Open.”

That wraps up our National Championship coverage and we’d like to thank everyone who followed along on the live stream and on the BPO blog.

Coverage will pick back up with the final two trophy events shortly.

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