Dec 5 3:04 pm

Event 1: The 2014 Bar Poker Open is Underway!

Level 1 (25/50)
Players Registered: 33

The Final Table

The Main Stage

Play is underway here at the 1st annual Bar Poker Open. This weekend will be packed with action as we are scheduled for 13 events, including the $40,000 Guaranteed Bar Poker Open Championship.

Borgata tournament director, Tab Duchateau, has just announced shuffle up and deal for the 1st event.  This $85 Survivor tournament has a $20,000 guarantee and is scheduled for 1 day of play with approximately 1 in every 8 players will receive $520 cash. Players will start with 12,000 in chips and blinds will be 20 minutes long.

Good luck to all of the players and welcome to the Bar Poker Open!


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