Dec 5 5:06 pm

Event 1: Lurie Flipping Coins

Level 6 (200/400/50)
Players Remaining: 67

Josh Lurie

Josh Lurie

Walking through the signature room we saw Josh Lurie sliding all of his chips into the middle, calling the all-in from his opponent.

“It has to be aces or kings, right?” The player questioned as he tabled {Qd}{Qh}.

Lurie quietly flipped over {Ad}{Kd} as he stood up from his seat and leaned in towards the table.

It was a classic coin flip situation, as multiple players from the table started shouted out percentages.

“Come on, baby!” Lurie said as he started to clap his hands.

The {3d}{8s}{9d} would quiet Lurie down as he sat back in his chair, but the silence would be short lived as the dealer ran out the {9c}{Kc} board and Lurie would improve to a pair of kings on the river, keeping him alive in this survivor tournament.

He now sits with around 20,000.

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