Dec 5 3:54 pm

Event 1: Freeroll The Series

Level 3: (75/150)
Total Entries: 65

Most Borgata Poker series start with a massive guaranteed event, that attracts thousands of entrants and kicks off the series in style, crowning a champion and setting up the story lines for the rest of the series.

The Bar Poker Open is taking a slightly different approach, beginning this series with a “Survivor” tournament, in which the winners will be able to “free roll” the remainder of the series.

As mentioned earlier, one in eight players will “survive” to win $520. While that may not seem like a lot, that will be enough to cover the buy-ins for the remaining Bar Poker Open events, from Saturday to Monday.

With multiple events every day, players won’t be able to play all the events, but a win here in Event 1, should set players up for a chance to “free roll” the bigger events of the series and could allow some players to parlay this small score, into a bigger score later in the series.

We are just under halfway through the late registration period, so we expect to see players continue to pour into the Signature Room and continue to build up the “Survivor” prize pool.

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