Dec 5 3:48 pm

Bradford Sets Off

Level 3 (75/150)
Players Registered: 65 

Craig Bradford of the Eastern Poker Tour

Craig Bradford of the Eastern Poker Tour

Eastern Poker Tour’s own Craig Bradford is off to a fast start here in Event 1 as he has already busted a player and is well over the original starting stack of 12,000.

On a board reading {9c}{3c}{Ks}{6s} a raising war broke out between Bradford and the player seated on his direct left before both of the players found all of their chips in the middle.

Bradford: {Kd}{Kh}
Opponent: {3h}{3s}

Bradford was on the better end of a set-over-set situation, and would need to fade the last 3 in the deck. The {7h} completed the board and would rake in the pot as he now sits with over 27,000.

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